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MPOWER Classroom programs are ready-to-teach, structured, interactive lessons based on the new NSW PDHPE Syllabus for teachers to implement in the classroom.

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Unit 1 - The MC 'Master of Mind’
Unit 2 - Mindful Self Mastery

MPOWER Classroom

MPOWER Classroom units each consist of 10-lesson, ready-to-teach video courses to deliver mind mastery to youth. The structured units enable teachers with no prior subject knowledge of the content to deliver life-changing, curriculum-based, press and play lessons. This content has won film festivals around the world and we pride ourselves as a production company to deliver the most innovative and best content that youth will love and connect with. The Classroom programs are developed in line with the Stage 5 NSW PDHPE syllabus and can be delivered through multiple subjects. Youth are led through evidence-based, age-relevant modules on topics including passion-based practices like hip-hop, and mastering one's thoughts through mindfulness. They are given tools and techniques to improve self-regulation, reflection, social awareness and overall mental wellbeing. The units are straightforward, interactive and dynamic in their delivery. School students across Australia are benefiting from this ground-breaking approach to youth empowerment through mental health awareness.

Parents, students, teachers and schools all know that mental health stresses affect young people - but what do you do about it?

Schools are facing more challenges than ever to meet the needs of their students. This means they can't afford to ignore their mental health and wellbeing.

MPOWER Classroom helps schools engage their whole community around positively supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Promote teacher confidence

By implementing MPOWER programs in class, teachers can easily deliver topics that really matter. They are given tools and techniques to improve self-regulation, reflection, social awareness and overall mental wellbeing. These proven methods increase student engagement and reduce mental health related issues, making classes run smoothly while fostering an environment of understanding and inclusion. "Attendance increases, students actually being in the class and not wandering around the school." - Deputy Principal

Give your teachers a plan

Let our wealth of professionals do the work! Students will learn from some of the globe's most prominent dance instructors, world famous musicians, MC’s, poets, fitness experts, research practitioners and mental health specialists. Our units feature full lesson plans coupled with interactive exercises, additional content, referrals and resources. “I have been a teacher across Australia for 14 years and I’ve never seen this level of engagement in a classroom.” - High School Teacher

Exciting content that youth will love

Each lesson is a series of documentary video excerpts which showcase global pioneers, elders and professionals who share their own tools to foster resilience. Passion-based, mindful practices have been an effective educational method to engage youth in discussions around difficult topics, enabling students to identify their own experiences of struggle whilst in a supportive environment. “It was fun and interactive. We feel like family now … we are closer and we can share more things. Having family at school, that just makes me want to come to school way more.” - Student

Engaging student activities

Each lesson includes time to reflect on important topics through group or personal activities. Students are encouraged to explore their inner worlds and to express themselves, while being guided to develop mind mastery techniques to manage stress and create healthy mental habits. "Children were able to draw on personal experiences and family. They were encouraged to bring their own ideas and beliefs" - Student Support Officer

Students can learn anywhere, anytime

MPOWER TV and MPOWER Master Classes are additional resources, available for teachers and students, on-demand, allowing teachers to engage youth with content on all aspects of mental health and individual growth, anywhere, anytime. MPOWER TVis like a mini-netflix for self development. Teachers now have the ability to refer youth to relevant channels to support their in-class work, while students and parents can access healthy media at home. "With this program there is no shame and no judgement, you will feel shy at first but then get the hang of things. there is no wrong answers" - Student

Online MPOWER Classroom Facilitation

Over 5 weeks MPOWER Classroom can be facilitator-led by some of Australia's best hip hop MCs to take any pressure off teacher delivery, including Triple J's indigenous artist of the year MC JK47, instead of having to fly to your community or school, this interactive hip-hop course conducted by our facilitators is Australia's most popular online educational course. While any teacher can deliver MPOWER at the click of a button, this allows their heroes to facilitate them on the journey.

MC Eso

MC Eso of the pioneering Australian hip-hop group Bliss N Eso, is a hip-hop artist of the highest standing, with albums debuting at number one in Australia, two ARIA awards and collaborations with hip-hop MCs NAS, Kings and Dizzee Rascal.


If you’re a Hip Hop fan in Australia, you should by now know the name JK-47. Whether you know him as the 2020 Triple J Unearthed Artist of the Year, or from his jaw-dropping Like A Version where he put a fantastic twist on 'Changes' by 2Pac, you would already know that this talented Indigenous artist is a force to be reckoned with.

Triple Nip

Triple Nip is an MC / Producer with over 20 years of experience in Songwriting and Performance. As an experienced Facilitator, Triple Nip has run many Hip Hop/Music workshops both in and out of schools, throughout the Northern Rivers and to outback towns in rural NSW. He also has over 7 years of experience as an NDIS support worker.

MC Emphasize

MC Emphasize of explosive hip-hop duo Emph n Treats is a long-standing 'Music 4 Change' workshop facilitator with One Vision Productions. His infectious energy and MC skills make him a valuable asset to the MPOWER Facilitator team.

Rangimarie Ferguson

Rangimarie is an advocate for young people and First Nation people’s cultural lore and traditions and a mother of four children. A long-standing workshop facilitator with One Vision Productions, Rangimarie is a recognised community member and leader in the far north coast of NSW, Australia.

Mark Robertson

OVP and MPOWER founder Mark Robertson, is a hip hop MC, film producer and secondary school teacher. Mark received the 2009 Young Social Pioneer of the Year Award for Innovative projects toward social and educational change. Mark's initiatives have impacted over 10,000 youth throughout Australia.

Student Wellbeing Surveys

Student Wellbeing Surveys are available throughout the program to gauge your students’ emotional wellbeing during the course of the program.

Pre lesson activities. When you see this symbol near the end of the program, click the 'share link' button to share via your school’s online portal, or students’ school email.


MPOWER TV is an on demand video library for teachers and organisations to access videos and tutorials on all aspects of mental health. Hosting Australia’s largest and most progressive resource for mental health video content available, MPOWER TV allows for any staff member, casual teacher, parent or organisation to have access to an amazing amount of activities to incorporate into their process or classroom dealing with youth mental development. This content is what we all should have been taught when we were young to navigate mental health and our potential. Hosting global elders, world-class innovators, high-profile musicians, mental health specialists, integrative doctors, nutritionists, fitness instructors and yoga and meditation experts on an exciting digital TV platform, MPOWER TV is the next generation in online education. With a mission to reach as many young people as possible, One Vision Productions is offering MPOWER TV subscriptions to all students of participating schools for MPOWER Classroom.

The MPOWER PLUS Bundle For Schools & Educators

The Bundle includes 12 months of: • Individual access to MPOWER TV for all students • Full access to all MPOWER Classroom program lessons and units • Downloadable teacher resources • Full access to all MPOWER Masterclasses • Full access to MPOWER TV resources library • Access to mental health support network • Free access to MPOWER Mental Health App* Coming soon

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