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MPOWER Classroom Bundles

Downloadable teacher resources
Class activity kits and set up instructions
Full access to all PDPH MPOWER classroom (Teachers)
Full access to the MPOWER APP (Students)
Full access to MPOWER TV on demand resources library
Full access to MPOWER Masterclasses
Facilitated Workshops*
Ambassador Training For Selected Youth
Quarterly Facilitator Video Conferencing
Email/ Phone support 5 day p/w
Access to mental health support network
Online Mentoring OPTIONAL**
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Prices include access to MPOWER TV for up to 300 Students.
If you are teaching by correspondence or for small classes please contact us for bespoke pricing.

*Workshop accessible for up to 100 students for 1 day.
**Please enquire with us about pricing for our OPTIONAL mentoring.

MPOWER is Australia's largest online toolkit for youth mental health


MPOWER Classroom programs are ready-to-teach, structured, interactive lessons based on the NSW PDHPE Syllabus for teachers to implement in the classroom.

Teachers are fully equipped with lesson plans and a variety of online resources to support their classroom.

MPOWER classroom consists of 10-lesson, ready-to-teach video courses. This award-winning platform brings some of the best global educators into the classroom. Programs are developed in line with the Stage 5 NSW PDHPE syllabus. MPOWER classroom’s structured units enable teachers with no prior subject knowledge of the content to deliver life-changing, curriculum-based courses. Youth are led through evidence-based, age-relevant modules on topics such as hip-hop and mindfulness. They are given tools and techniques to improve self-regulation, reflection, social awareness and overall mental wellbeing. Units are straightforward, interactive and dynamic in their delivery.

Through MPOWER learning modules, students are taught ways to face mental health challenges self sufficiently.


MPOWER TV is Australia's largest and most progressive on demand library of video tutorials and experiential videos on all aspects of mental health and personal growth.

MPOWER Master Classes are specialised classes led by professionals who give insight into how professionals have accelerated themselves in their industry, and is suitable for school aged youth and adult viewing.

MPOWER APP is an interactive mental health app for youth. Sing and record songs, record daily wellness check-ins, challenge your friends to work towards common health goals, and access cooking or music lessons MPOWER TV and MPOWER Master Classes.

MPOWER TV, MASTER CLASSES and the MPOWER APP are included in the Classroom subscription, available for all students to use.

Need to know more?

School students across Australia are greatly benefitting from this ground-breaking approach to youth empowerment through mental health awareness.

If you have any questions about any of the MPOWER programs, or if your school may be eligible for financial support to utilise the program, please get in touch.

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