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Australia's largest and most progressive resource for mental health video content available. Bringing you Indigenous wisdom, inspirational mentors, well-being specialists and some of the most creative minds from around the globe.

Igniting the power, passion and unique purpose that lies in every one of us.


Giving you access to global elders, world class musicians, high-profile artists, mental health specialists, integrative doctors, nutritionists, fitness instructors, yoga teachers and meditation experts. Learn about ancient cultures, the power of your mind and how to live your creative potential.

I’ve learned a lot more about who I am as a person. I used to be very anxious. I’m definitely a lot more open to things I don’t know and how to learn them.
High School StudentCheck out MPOWER Workshops
I have been a teacher across Australia for 14 years and I’ve never seen this level of engagement in a classroom.
High School TeacherCheck out MPOWER Classroom

MPOWER Classroom

Delivering life changing content for young people through ready-to-teach, curriculum based interactive lessons, workshops and mentoring, MPOWER is one of the most powerful resources a school or organisation can have, making it easy to teach the topics that really matter.

MPOWER Classroom supports educators with a plan, to not just teach mental health, but to provide an inspiring, dynamic and innovative platform that youth love to be a part of. Aimed at Stage 5 of the latest NSW PDHPE syllabus.

Over a third of 15 year olds, and close to 50% of 16 year olds experienced increased feelings of positive mental health and wellbeing directly resulting from One Vision program attendance in 2019.

One Vision Productions Wellbeing Evaluation Report, 2020

Australia's best hip-hop facilitators ready to deliver online, to anywhere in Australia. Give your kids the opportunity of a lifetime.


Complementary tools for educators

The increasing rate of mental health related issues being experienced by Australia’s young people highlights an urgent need to find new and innovative ways to engage youth in mental wellbeing learning and better integrate the teaching of coping tools and resilience into mainstream education.

MPOWER Mentoring

Matching students with the best musicians and creative pioneers in their field, MPOWER Mentoring inspires, guides and transforms young people’s lives.

MPOWER Workshops

An innovative approach to engaging youth in mental health education through global popular hip-hop culture, MPOWER Workshops offer concrete tools for youth to use in overcoming adversity and building resilience.
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MPOWER Interactive App

Using the power of technology for positive change. Find your passion, learn from world-class mentors and get ongoing support.

MPOWER is proudly delivered by One Vision Productions.

Over the last 16 years, Mark Robertson and One Vision Productions has facilitated award winning youth empowerment and mental health programs in 70 communities across Australia and made a positive impact in the lives of over 10,000 young people.

One Vision Productions is recognised by Mental Health Australia.

Westpac Fellowship Social Changemaker of the Year 2019

High Commendation Mental Health Matters Finalist 2019 & 2020

Winner Young Social Pioneer Of The Year Award for Innovative Programs Towards Social and Educational Change 2009

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship for Education and Social Change 2017

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School students across Australia are greatly benefiting from this ground-breaking approach to youth empowerment through mental health awareness.

If you have any questions about any of the MPOWER programs, or if your school may be eligible for financial support to utilise the Program, please get in touch.

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