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How you can help

All donations made to MPOWER allow us to continue our work in delivering innovative and effective resources to empower youth across Australia, in person and online.  
Our mission is to ensure that our youth of today and future generations are nurtured and educated in effective ways to cope in our ever-changing world. 

Your donation will mean youth in need will gain access to our MPOWER wellbeing resources when they otherwise would not have the means to afford them.

Here is a breakdown of how your donation could impact your community and help empower a new generation of Australian youth.

  • $100 = 1 year access to MPOWER TV for 1 Student
  • $1,000 =  1 year access to MPOWER TV & MPOWER Classroom for 100 Students
  • $15,000 = 1 year access to MPOWER TV & MPOWER Classroom PLUS a fully facilitated MPOWER Workshop for 100 Students

The MPOWER Packages give students and teachers the support they need to access the best mental health resources available.



MPOWER is an initiative of One Vision Productions (OVP). Please click here to visit the OVP donations page to make a direct contribution towards our MPOWER Programs.

Donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible in Australia. 

Need to know more?

School students across Australia are greatly benefitting from this ground-breaking approach to youth empowerment through mental health awareness.

If you have any questions about any of the MPOWER programs, or if your school may be eligible for financial support to utilise the Program, please get in touch.

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