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School Workshop Packages

Our award winning MPOWER in-school workshops are an innovative approach to engaging youth in mental health education through global popular culture, elders and pioneer hip-hop practitioners.

Hip hop culture has been proven to be an effective educational method for engaging youth in discussions around difficult topics. MPOWER Workshops go beyond the discussion of topics to offer concrete tools for youth to use in overcoming adversity and building resilience, while giving students a toolkit to learn how to master their mind.

MPOWER workshops are the perfect platform to harness mental health education at school and empower students to thrive with self confidence and a new understanding of how to utilise their passions to map out their future.

Workshops run in whole year group sessions or can be tailored to smaller groups. See packages below.

Mind Mastery Techniques & Training

Full day intensive mental health training 

One Vision Productions delivers training over a full day to the desired year level. If working with multiple year levels training is carried out with 1 year level per day.

Our MPOWER Workshops can facilitate the whole of the year level utilising live performances and group participation to result in a highly engaging method of raising awareness about mental health issues. 

A key innovation of the workshop is the linking of hip hop based activities to evidence based practices in youth mental health and wellbeing through positive psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, narrative therapy, mindfulness and the neuroscience of child and adolescent development. 

Our workshops utilise hip hop circles, elders speaking on grounding and connecting and mental health specialists, while exploring neuro-science, individual passions, self-actualisation and identity and helping youth create plans to reach their unlimited potential. 

These workshops provide young people with practical tools for building resilience, recognising and processing emotions, maintaining healthy relationships while providing exercises that promote emotional regulation, positive self-expression, social inclusion and connection. 

While working with whole year levels, we provide the MPOWER program for teachers to teach as well as links to MPOWER TV for all classes and individuals.

MPOWER Workshops are aimed at Stage 3, Stage 4 and Stage 5 of the latest NSW PDHPE syllabus and currently available in the Northern NSW area. 

Music for Change - 5 Day Intensive

Flying out to any community in Australia

Our workshops use the art forms of hip hop, dance and film production as a vehicle to learn unlimited potential. Teaming youth up with some of the best artists Australia has to offer, One Vision breaks down the walls of shame helping youth to deal with depression, anxiety and life issues while promoting self-expression and confidence. This enables participants to learn not only new skills, but also experience being a part of a quality family learning environment, giving them the foundations to succeed.

As a direct result of our workshop programs, young people often gain national recognition, with many of our media clips being broadcast across Australia including on NITV, SBS and national radio stations. 

One Vision Productions also partners with tertiary education and employment service providers to further support the growth and development of program participants. If you have seen kids rapping on TV proud and shining, there’s a good chance this was our program.

These workshops are geared toward 15-20 youth that would benefit from the program. Schools often choose at risk youth to partake in this program, with some having had unparalleled success from there as a result of this award winning initiative. Putting schools on the map for educational excellence and giving the kids a voice to shine, these programs always lift the communities involved.

Over the course of up to 5-8 sessions, participants learn how to use audio platforms, create beats, write lyrics, use cameras, create a film clip, explore the power of words and above all, develop a passion for English literature, learn about the power of mind and access tools for self-development.

Professional Development

Get the most out of MPOWER in your school or organisation by taking part in our Professional Development Program delivered face to face or online. 

Some of the topics included in the program include....

  • Fear of Failure
  • Culture and Connection
  • Community and Resources
  • Empowering our Indigenous Youth
  • Connecting to Higher Self
  • Self Actualisation
  • Staying in the Now
  • Community Recovery

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about any of the MPOWER Workshops, please get in touch.

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