Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Meet Chris Hemsworth

As one of Hollywood's leading men, Chris is known for diverse roles that require dynamic physical transformation. He attributes much of his success to a healthy lifestyle.

For Chris, health and fitness is a passion. Over the years, Chris has worked hard to transform his body for movie roles as diverse as an F1 driver in Rush, a mercenary in Extraction and a secret agent in Men in Black: International, or playing one of the world’s favorite superheroes – Marvel’s God of Thunder, Thor.

Above all else, he believes keeping active and staying centred doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about figuring out what will make you happy, setting goals to get there, and surrounding yourself with a community that will support you along your journey.

Luke Zocchi is Chris’s resident trainer and an expert in the health & fitness industry. Best known for sculpting Chris into the role of Thor, he has mastered the art of body transformation and is committed to inspiring others to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.


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